Terms and Conditions of Odmoss Family.

  1. Free shipping only applies to our customers which are located in Ireland and/or UK. A customer from Ireland or UK who wishes to ship product to any other country will have to pay the shipping rate.
  2. Members will have their own personal membership name/number. Members will need to type in their membership name/number in the ‘discounts’ option at checkout to avail of the free shipping. If a member forgets to do that, we sadly cannot offer a refund at this time.
  3. Discounts will vary. For example, sometimes a discount can be 30% and other times in can be 70%. The discounts will not apply to items on sale. To avail of the discounts, members need to input their membership name/number into ‘discounts’ at checkout.
  4. Personalised suggestions may not always perfectly suit the member. We currently have limited resources and try to predict each members styles as best as we can. Sadly, due to limited resources, they may not always be accurate.
  5. When we develop a personalised outfit for a member, that member has the opportunity to purchase such outfit. It can be at full price or at a discount.
  6. Sometimes the outfit may be composed from different individual clothing. Therefore, the member will have to choose the individual items. If a discount is offered, the member will have to input their membership name/number to avail of the discount.
  7. Our members will receive early access to our new clothing. The item will appear on the website, however, will only be available to buy for family members. Anyone can put it into their cart, however, to actually buy you will need to input a code which is your member name/number.
  8. Every now and again we will post out personalised letters to our members. By signing up, our members give us permission to post letters out to them without giving notice. The letters may be birthday wishes, discounts codes and/or information.
  9. When we at Odmoss search for new models, we will consider our members first. However, this does not mean we have to choose a member for modelling. Once we offer the opportunity, the member can either accept or reject the offer. Any response is completely fine. In return for modelling, the model will receive the clothing which the model modelled for free.
  10. We at Odmoss will not always offer free gifts. Sometimes free gifts may come in the post randomly, or as part of an order. This means that if a member orders something, they may be entitles to a free gift along with the order.
  11. For the benefits to be performed and exercised, Odmoss family members give Odmoss the rights to post to their address without any notification.
  12. We at Odmoss will not give out any personal information to comply with GDPR.
  13. We at Odmoss will not post information which does not regard Odmoss.
  14. Terms and conditions may be modified or changed in any way by Odmoss partners, not Odmoss family.
  15. Odmoss family members do not have any rights to manage or deal on behalf of Odmoss. Odmoss family members do not have the rights to sign contracts or enter into any agreements on behalf of Odmoss.
  16. Odmoss family members do not have any say in the running of Odmoss.
  17. By signing up to family membership programme, all members agree to all the terms and conditions.