Introducing Odmoss Family

Odmoss family is a loyalty programme for our customers. Our customers have the option of becoming our family!

By being in our family, we hope to develop a close friendship! If you join our family, you will get so many benefits such as:

  • Free shipping to UK and Irish customers.
  • Points reward system
  • More and higher discounts.
  • Personalised suggestions we think you may like.
  • Letters and emails.
  • Early access to our new clothes.
  • Modelling opportunities. When choosing our next models, we will consider our family members first!
  • Free gifts!

And of course, becoming our family is completely FREE!!

Don’t forget! We at Odmoss pride ourselves on continuous improvement. That means there will always be new perks coming to our family members!



How do I earn points?

Here are all the ways you can earn points.


How do I check my balance?

Click here to go to the Use Points Page.


How can I use my points?

Use your points to redeem rewards as discount codes. You can apply the discount code on the payment page during checkout. One discount code can be used per order.


When do I earn points when I make a purchase?

Points would be earned when "Payment Status" becomes "Paid" or "Fulfilment Status" becomes "Fulfilled".


How do I earn Birthday Bonus?

You must register your birthday month and have at least one qualifying order placed 30 days or earlier prior to the 1st day of your birthday month to receive a Birthday Bonus for that calendar year. Birthday Bonuses will not be granted retroactively for past birthdays. A qualifying order is a paid or fulfilled order that was not cancelled or fully refunded.


If members fill in their birthdays before their birthday month, bonus will be awarded at the beginning of the month.

If members fill in their birthdays during their birthday month, bonus will be awarded at the end of the month.

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