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    We are two friends who wanted to be something, to do something. We wanted to make a difference in our lives as well as others. We had many different ideas to ease other lives with regard to buying products, however making odmoss stood out. We want to create a revolutionary experience with regard to online shopping. We want to be the point where luxury meets comfort, and we, as odmoss, are able to be that point.

    We are launching in April 2019 and we are going to hit it with a bang. We are producing clothes to match persons individual personality. We want our customers to feel unique and special in our products. If you’re going out, we got you. If you’re feeling lazy or sad, we got you. If you want to be casual, we got you. We are to get you, your own personality on any mood you are feeling.

    YOU do the moss. As it is a very known fact that there are so many people suffering in the world, we want to share our profits with them. We don’t want to help just ourselves and you, we also want to help the ones who are suffering and need our help. Once we gain the power to do something for EVERYONE, we will do something. YOU can help us to help the ones that are I need.