About Us

Mission Statements:

‘To provide the most stylish and yet comfortable tracksuits and clothing there is.’

‘To inspire individuals about their style, and to provide the comfort necessary to feel like oneself.’

‘To be the point where luxury meets comfort. We have a personality. Our personality wants you to feel unique and special in your own body. You do the moss.’



  • To gain our customers trust in our brand and the quality of clothing we provide.
  • To provide comfort to our customers.
  • To develop a brand personality.
  • To enter the music fashion industry.
  • To enter the sport fashion industry


  • To be a leader in the tracksuit industry.
  • To be a leader in the hip and boujie clothing industry.
  • To penetrate the artistry market for fashion and be the number one store.
  • To provide luxury and comfort for everyone.
  • To have a personality as a brand, which is globally recognised.
  • To become a high-end brand.



  • We value our customers and their needs and wants.
  • We value the trust our customers have in us.
  • We value our products quality and the comfort they provide.
  • We treat our customers as our friends, and we want the best for them.
  • We value music and the artists that create it.
  • We value the artists needs and wants



  • Ayobami Odumosu (Managing Partner)
  • Angelika Wasiliew (Partner)
  • Benjamin Adeyemo (Partner)
  • Seyi Adefule (Partner)